What the hell is wrong with MSHA!

8:45 am. I can’t keep up with Sen. Byrd…..

Here’s the feed for the live hearing with the Senate Appropriations committee. It requires Real Player.

[Apologies to nolo….. I tried to live blog but now, it’s quite apparent I cannot listen and type at the same time; I get too absorbed in what’s being said.]

Sen Hatch said: “We will not allow him to avoid him answering …. ” referring to Bob Murray.

Sen. Byrd brought up a few things:

  • Sago Mine was a disaster; thus far, 24 miners killed this year already (Mingo County, WV, a miner was killed on Monday)
  • Charleston Gazette article – Mingo County mine not (approved)? inspected.
    • “A Mingo County coal mine where a worker was killed Monday had not yet received a complete inspection this year by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, government records show.MSHA inspectors had not finished — or even started — a full examination of CONSOL Energy’s Bronzite Mine, the records show.”
  • These are not anomalies.
  • It is infuriating.

Stickler is speaking in answer to a question from Sen. Harkin regarding a particular letter from Agapeta Associates (sp).

Harkin: Results of inspections, including spot inspections and a whistleblower complaint.

Harkin: ? Wireless system available.

Spectre – (R-PA)

  • acknowledges families from sago mine, VA., WV, & PA.
  • How could MSHA have allowed the rescue to continue? Blatant failure by MSHA? Getting a bit contentious talking about the bumps – crosstalk between Spectre & Stickler.
  • Stickler’s describing what efforts were undertaken…

Murray – (D-WA)

  • Model from —– to be guide for MSHA.
  • Questions will be submitted.

Byrd – (D-WV)

  • MSHA has not conducted inspections at the mine in Mingo County where a miner died on Monday. How do you explain that? (I can’t even believe Stickler is attempting to answer!)
  • How can we have any faith in MSHA if you are not even fulfilling the basics of inspections.

Jesus Christ! Stickler is coming across as so fucking out-of-touch as to what’s going on ‘underneath’ him.


2 Responses

  1. no apology needed, LM. . .

    i cannot live-blog, either. . .

    i did watch some of the replay
    on cspan, on thursday, because
    i did stay with conyers’ hearing
    on warrantless wiretaps. . .

    p e a c e

    — nolo

  2. What is IT with Stickler?! He doesn’t come across as a doofus. Christ, sometimes he seems almost thoughtful and then other times, like at this particular point in the hearing, he seemed not to have a clue what was going on ‘below’ – and not that it was hidden from him, unaware. Is he trying? Is he trying too hard?

    He used to be a miner for Chrissakes! He’s an engineer by education. He’s not stupid.

    But nolo, the thing with the media – I just started laughing. Murray SO overpowered/overwhelmed Stickler, especially in the beginning it was pathetic. I thought it obvious at the press conferences early on. Murray would be spouting off about ‘an act of G*d’s seismic activity’ and Stickler would be back there shaking his head.

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