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Kicking The Ball Down The Field

That’s how Jano Cabrera in the following video portrays the Bush administration’s thinking on Iraq, buying time, avoiding the issue, tweaking and using the ‘Petraeus report’ to justify whatever they decide will come next. Endless war, always there . . . . . ya know – the ‘Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia’ take.

We all have particular issues that are particularly important. Iraq is one with me. However, I don’t have the disposable time necessary to spend as much energy and time as I would want. I’ve been following this shit since early 2002 when I found The Agonist. It’s a wonderfully serious place. I’m fairly certain that I’d be in a different place if I hadn’t found The Agonist when I did.

Among my favorite reads is Americablog where AJ put up this video. AJ, per his mini-mini bio states he’s a “former DOD civilian intelligence Office…..He is an Iraq expert…” He’s been part of Americablog for a good and is also part of a ‘young’ organization, National Security Network (founder: Rand Beers) – thus, this video.

My interest runs deep in ending this goddamned war, and that other stupid waste of time and money – the ‘Global War on Terror.’ I just think there are others out there who do it better justice than I can from with my time-to-time mentions.


2 Responses

  1. Chimpy is never going to budge. The only solution to this is to take his toys away from him and put them up high on the shelves in the Oval Nursery.

  2. The only solution to this is to take his toys away from him and put them up high on the shelves in the Oval Nursery

    The Oval Nursery! JR, your imagination is something else. Between Petraeus’ testimony, Crocker’s droning, and Ike Skelton talking about proscecuting free speech & dissent, I’m about to harken back to my SDS days.

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