What Happened to the Right To Dissent?

Yesterday I watched a good portion of General Petraeus’ “testimony” as well as sat through Ryan Crocker’s droning propagandistic bullshit. I’m sorry – how is it Iraq became our target again? Oh, oh – that’s right . . . . . Saddam Hussein was one bad motherf***. We HAD to take him out.

At any rate, Code Pink code-pink-60-yo-mona_lydia_ap.jpgwas there at the Petraeus/Crocker hearing before the House Armed Services and the Foreign Relations committees. Ike Skelteton had this to say about protestors.

I’m sorry, Mr. Skeleton – do you NOT know about Thomas Paine? How about the likes of John Paul Jones or Patrick- give me liberty or give me death – Henry? How about Samuel Adams?

Nope, the police were busy pulling out 60 year-old women protesting. Here’s a bit of an assessment by Richard Engle, who is in Baghdad currently.

Along with some fact-checking from The Gavel (Speaker of the House) and Democracy Arsenal.


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  1. Americans (speciofically the “twenty percenter” Chimpletons) have happily traded away the most important rights they have for the supposed “protection” from “evildoers” the moronic monkey has assured them of.

    If every American would ask him or herself this question, perhaps we’d care a bit more about what it being lost:

    Who is more dangerous to me, personally? Osama bin Laden or an Executive with unchecked power?

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