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The Ethical Conundrum of Craig’s Political End

I forgot to post this, oh – when it happened, but it still irritates the fuck outta me that certain  ethical/moral heavyweights were the first to weigh in on Larry Craig.

This evening, I was perusing Craig’s official senatorial website and was rereading his idiotic statement regarding Gen. Petraeus’ and Amb. Crocker’s ‘testimony.’   Nothing like thinking you’re still relevant when you’re not.

“I was pleased to hear the forthright testimony before Senate committees today by General Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker regarding the status of U.S. and coalition efforts in Iraq.”…..

“That being said, the Iraqi government must stand up and prove to their people that they can govern and secure their country from violence.”

I swear – this is about the time I feel like I’m in the middle of Three Stooges slapfest; the lack of logic is debilitating.


Ran across this new little tidbit shortly after getting on the computer at work.

Sen. Larry Craig will temporarily step down from his committee assignments, CNN has learned.

Just before I left home, Dan Popkey was interviewed by CNN’s Kyra Phillips. I think she attempted to corner him, but he was pretty careful while being as forthright as he can. Shortly before there was a piece on NPR that I happened to catch as well on ‘Talk of the Nation’ – Political Junkie.

And oh, yeah – the ReThug ‘heavy hittters’ are out:

  • Norm Coleman (R-MN)
  • Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) and
  • John McCain (R-AZ) the epitome of moral terpitude itself.

I do like this quote from Jennifer Duffy [The Cook Political Reporter editor]:

“I think it’s very damaging. There is a lot of smoke here, and the truth is that in politics, smoke is as deadly as the fire sometimes.”

Yep smoke inhalation is just as deadly as being fried to a crisp.

Continuing with the story from CNN:

The general sentiment among Craig’s fellow Idaho Republicans who talked to CNN’s Dana Bash in Boise was that Craig’s explanation is not credible.

One influential Republican who has known the senator for decades said that he watched Craig’s statement with a group of party “movers and shakers,” and they concluded that the lawmaker’s political career is over.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, told Craig on Tuesday that the leaders of his party were calling for an ethics investigation into what they termed a “serious matter,” a Senate Republican leadership aide said.

This, more than likely, is based upon the allegation that Craig touted his business card as a senator in order to have the matter settled by other means. And now suddenly the likes of Mitch McConnell has some kind of ethical backbone. Why? Is it because of the upcoming MSHA investigation into the Utah mining disaster and his wife is the Secretary of Labor who oversees MSHA?

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