Larry LaRocco and His Working ‘A Day in the Life’

Larry LaRocco is running for the senate seat currently occupied by the bathroom toe tapper himself, Larry Craig. If I remember correctly, Larry LaRocco is around my age, early 50’s – thereabouts. Nope, 61; that’s even ‘worse.’ 😉

One of the things I found rather interesting was Larry’s ‘commitment’ to work various jobs around the state. I just know at my age, I’m not looking to work at some of the jobs Mr. LaRocco has gotten himself into on this campaign. His latest was on the production line at Amalgamated Sugar in Nampa, “loading & stacking 5-lb & 10-lb bags of sugar for shipping.” (Just follow the ‘stink’, er – odor – or the trucks loaded with sugar beets.) That was yesterday. No word yet on the number of Aleve or hot soaks taken.

Larry has a diary at ‘Daily Kos’ and he wrote a letter in June explaining why he was doing his “Working for Senate” campaign in Idaho. Thus far, he’s undertaken these jobs:

All the above jobs can be read about at Larry’s website. Act Blue also has a contribution page for Larry.

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