Larry, Larry – Give it UP!

Over at TPM, there’s the latest on Mr. Diehard himself, Larry ‘Toe-Tappin’ Craig.


Larry Craig Privately Apologizing To Fellow Republicans For “Distraction”

Mr. Craig isn’t backing down or out. He has just now gone to using other than the usual methods. He’s issuing private apologies for the “distraction” of his recent arrest or as Greg Sargent puts it, “his men’s room cruising.”

His newest approach: Write an letter of apology, mail it, and enclose a copy of the paperwork filed on his plea withdrawal. ‘Roll Call’ has the goods behind their subscription wall.


“Craig sent a copy of his appeal to his fellow GOP Senators, along with a personally signed letter of regret and an offer to provide further information as his case moves ahead. The embattled Senator, who has said he intends to resign on Sept. 30 unless he is able to have his guilty plea thrown out, wrote to Senators: “I regret the distraction this situation has caused at a time when the attention of the Senate, and the nation, should be on the war and other serious policy issues.


“Nevertheless, should you be interested in the facts of my case and the efforts I am making, I encourage you to review the enclosed,” Craig continued in the brief memo. “If you would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally, or my office.”

You know what? It’s not convincing anyone who matters in relation to Craig’s political future. A ‘Senate GOP aide’ is attributed with stating, “The story is done. The door is closed. This is not about people not liking or liking him. This was business.”

Yep, the business just went bankrupt, Larry. But you can tell us now – is it true what they say about Mitch McConnell?


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