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Wildlife Clash


This morning a yearling elk bull calf (2-point) apparently followed the Boise River into town.

Staying in the east part of town would have been fine but when the poor thing started rambling up towards the Boise Bench, that’s when it ran into the “this is too dangerous range.”

The Idaho Statesman reports that at one point the Boise police had the elk cornered at 9th & Myrtle. 9th & Myrtle! Yikess!!! That’s major, major traffic, vehicles thundering into town via the 5-lanes of ‘The Connector.’

This is picture is of the outbound ‘Connector’ although the inbound is at the top left of the picture. It still illustrates the width and busyness of the street, and it is plenty busy. Too busy for an elk to be cantering around.boise-connector-outbound.jpg

Later it moved up to Curtis Road & Cassia and that really is getting too far into town and into heavily residential areas, along with several major roads connecting, and therein lies the increased likelihood it would connect with a vehicle, and as an elk is much larger than a deer, it would end up in someone’ s front seat after going through the windshield.

I’m not sure why a Boise police officer found it necessary to fire two shots at the elk before Fish and Game officers were able to tranquilize the animal. What is reported is that “the elk’s injuries were so severe that it had to be euthanized.” It apparently had been herded into a field to be tranquilized.

Later, there was a report of the supposed sighting of four more elk being out on Warm Springs Avenue, although Fish & Game couldn’t verify the report and couldn’t find them.

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