John Kerry has some explaining to do

Update: From CBS News – I love this quote by John Kerry:  “I don’t know what transpired,” Kerry said. “The police must have had a reason to make their decision.”   Bullshit!

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I just happened to stumble across this looking for something TOTALLY unrelated. “Inciting a riot” my ass.

The Ledger (Lakeland, FL) has a story and another video in which you hear Kerry basically telling people to just calm down. Things get a bit heated with surrounding students when their fellow student is tasered. This is video afterwards. The kid is just so disoriented and, probably, scared.

AND – as much as I can’t stand Tucker Carlson….his sidekick and he have it about right here – “19 cops and they couldn’t get cuffs on him?!”


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  1. Certainly does, doesn’t he? This is getting quite the coverage now.

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