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The New Hessians

I’ve been thinking about this since reading a post by The Archcrone over The Crone Speaks regarding the mercenary Bushistas, Blackwater, the theocon-politcomilitarily oriented thugs started by and run by Erik Prince.

At American Revolution.org, one can read as much as one wants about the Hessians who were hired byhessen3.gif the British crown to fight in the colonies in 1776. Apparently, the usual monarchical types, the Landgraves were rulers (counts) of Hesse-Kassel and were according to records, “dealers in men” although not considered particularly ‘discerning’ in the assignments or adventures of those who fought under their banner. The British however were the Landgraves’ best and most frequent customers. Of the thousands (20K or so) of German citizens/soldiers incorporated into “military” service for the British, approximately half originated from the Hesse or Hesse-Kassel districts in Germany.

Spendthrifts, loose livers, drunkards, arguers, restless people, and such as made political trouble, if not more than sixty years old and of fair health and stature, were forced into the ranks. The present of a tall, strapping fellow was at that time an acceptable compliment from one prince to another, and in every regiment were many deserters from the service of neighboring states. The honest peasant lads of Germany were forced from their ploughs and thrown together with this mixed rabble. As a general rule, it may be noted that the regiments sent to America in 1776 were made up of better material than were the bodies of recruits subsequently furnished.

The jist is that, yes, they were paid for their “service” and the term that described where their place of origin was, Hesse => thus, Hessian, came to indicate someone paid for military type service or as bodyguard.

Thus, we get around to the Blackwater types. I’ve read Jeremy Scahill’s book, ‘Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.‘, and like I mentioned to the Archcrone, things might irritate the fuck out of me, but not much genuinely scares me. Scahill’s book scared me; Blackwater and the type of men who run it and support it like Erik Prince, they scare me. They are not patriots; they’re paid assassins, and the fact that they are paid to protect U.S. officials in Iraq should really set up all kinds of bells, whistles, & warning lights.

Scahill was on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ this morning (the 3rd entry under Wash. Journal blip). He was on The Daily Show as well.

Robert Scheer (Truthdig) has a biting column entitled ‘Checkbook Imperialism‘ at Huffington.

The U.S. government purchases whatever army it needs, which has led to the dependence upon private contract firms like Blackwater USA, with its $300-million-plus contract to protect U.S. State Department personnel in Iraq.

Despite the fact that Blackwater USA gets almost all of its revenue from the U.S. government–much of it in no-bid contracts aided, no doubt, by the lavish contributions to the Republican Party made by company founder Erik Prince and his billionaire parents–its operations remain largely beyond public scrutiny.

As Scahill says on WJ, this is just more of the ‘Wild West, cowboy tactics’ that has been going on throughout “post-invasion-current-occupation Iraq” with the boon in private security.” The Times of London is attributed with stating, “In post-war Iraq, it’s not oil that’s the major industry, it’s private security.”

The Christian Science Monitor had a spread yesterday on Blackwater, ‘Private Security, Whose Rules? as well as some today. As a result of the shitstorm raised by Blackwater, diplomatic convoys have cesased.

The US embassy in Baghdad has suspended all diplomatic convoys outside the heavily fortified Green Zone and the rest of Iraq.

Der Spiegel has the best headline regarding Blackwater – ‘Whores of War’ Under Fire

In the case of Blackwater, the US State Department has still not been able to clarify whether the firm even has a valid license that could be revoked. According to the Private Security Company Association of Iraq, Blackwater has applied for a license, but they have no record of them having received one.

Whatever the status of that ‘license’, how will a company who has undergone such a meteoritic ride to the forefront of this Bushista endeavor survive this?

Meanwhile, Blackwater’s private army is waiting patiently for the dust to settle — in order to then continue its mercenary work in Iraq. Undisturbed, uncontrolled and unregulated.


4 Responses

  1. I love the category cowboy fascism — how appropriate!

    The more I read about Blackwater, the worse I feel. Stalin and Hitler’s mercenaries come to mind when I read about Blackwater.

  2. When Jeremy Scahill was speaking while on C-SPAN, he said something about the Wild West mentality and I thought how appropriate for Bush’s administration. No wonder Blackwater has no bid contracts. That, and the religious element.

  3. Great post! I keep wondering if the BW bastards are training up in preparation for implementing Bu$hCo’s martial law plans.

    Things are going in the shitter faster than anyone could have predicted.

  4. Look what the archcrone posted. There’s video!

    Iraqi investigators have a videotape that shows Blackwater USA guards opened fire against civilians without provocation in an incident last week in which 11 people died, a senior Iraqi official said Saturday. He said the case was referred to the Iraqi judiciary.

    Via Yahoo

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