Priest Placed on Leave

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that, Raul Covarrubias, the parish priest for Our Lady of Good Counsel parish in Mountain Home has been placed on leave; it was effective September 14th.

Fr. Covarrubias has been assigned to Our Lady of Good Counsel since 1992. The reason was given as ‘misconduct.’ However, “when the Idaho Statesman asked for a copy of the policy governing misconduct, the diocese furnished a copy of its policy on sexual misconduct.”

A letter was written to parishoners from the bishop, Michael Driscoll. Bishop Driscoll has been accused of complicity in allegations of sexual abuse while ‘serving the church’ in the Diocese of Orange in California.

The website, Bishop Accountability has some information on Driscoll, as well as his predecessor, Bishop Tod Brown – also from the Diocese of Orange. The Boise Weekly had quite the write-up on Driscoll.

Update: Sept. 28, 2007 (1:22pm, MST):  This is the latest on Covarrubias; it’s from the 26th.  I’ve been watching.   As pointed out in this new blip and other releases, the authorities are notified when the allegation involves a minor and the ‘proper authorities’ have not been notified.  Thanks in part to my education with the Ursuline sisters, I can deduce the allegation apparently involves an adult.

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