Suspension of Fr. Raul Covarrubias

According to the local paper in Mountain Home, Fr. Covarrubias has been “temporarily suspended from duties following an allegation of misconduct.”

Last weekend, Sr. Arlene Ellis, was present during the masses and delivered the Bishop’s message on Fr. Covarrubias’ leave of absence.

Parish council President Ed O’Rielly said, “I think I am speaking for the parish when I say that we all hurt. We hurt for Father Raul, we hurt for the Church in Idaho and we hurt for ourselves and for the person or persons who felt the need to make an allegation. In the mean time, we all need to gather together and pray for healing.”

Mr. O’Rielly also praised the bishop for his proactiveness in the handling of Fr. Coavrrubias case. We shall see. Driscoll’s track record isn’t a good one when it comes to handling such cases.

I also saw this listed as a contact person: Vicar General Father Joe daSilva at the Diocesan Pastoral center.  Joe daSilva is a good guy.  I haven’t seen him in quite awhile. He used to fill in for Fr. Bill at St. Paul’s at BSU, and we loved it when he came up from Pocatello (I think it was Pocatello, I think). He’s also pastor at Risen Christ parish

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