I wandered over to The Agonist and found an entry from Sean-Paul, who’s on the road again, this time in Turkey.

Rise, rise up old sun, just a little while longer.

But then Istanbul, a city already pink, fuses into a seamless fiery magenta as the sun sets.

A cannon fires in the distance signaling the end of the fast. Let the feast begin.

I watched the sunset last night. It caught me off guard; I caught it through the rear view mirror, and turned the car around and got out to watch. Purple, fuchsia, red, pink, and yellow in the west, thrown up against the foothills in the east which turn purplish-green. My heart ached from the awesomeness of color. It’s the same kind of ache I would get from seeing the changing colors on trees in Ohio with colors so vibrant my breath would catch in my throat.




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  1. No color in this part of Ohio this year. The dryness is causing the leaves to fall off early, and they’re all the same brown.

  2. Damn! That’s too bad, JR. It’s beautiful here – however, the cascading of colors and the ranges and varieties tops here. And, in fact – it snowed and rained over the weekend effectively snuffing out most of remaining wildfires. That’s standard operating procedure for nature when it comes to fires. I’ll stop by later.

  3. Stunningly beautiful photo.


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