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“Here to Listen and Learn” – Utah Mine Safety Commission Meets Today

 The Utah Mine Safety Commission is meeting today in Huntington, Utah at 1:00 pm, at the Huntington Elementary school. It’s open; it’s a public forum. The agenda is the disaster at the Crandall Canyon Mine that occurred on August 6th. The Commission will hear from those directly affected by the disaster: the families of the miners, their neighbors, as well as those living in Huntington. There’s no timetable according to the chairman, there is no set time frame as to the length of time or brevity of the search the commission will take to reach its conclusion.

The Commission is made of eight members and headed by Scott Matheson Jr. Matheson was a U.S. attorney, and also served as dean of the law school at the University of Utah.

The Commission’s focus:

“This commission is really providing the only open-forum opportunity at this point,” Matheson said. Residents “will find a receptive ear and an open mind from this commission. We really are there to listen and learn.”

But then we have this shit:

At the commission’s first meeting earlier this month, Matheson engaged in a pointed exchange with Jim Crawford, a senior adviser for the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Crawford told the commission that MSHA would try to accommodate the panel’s need for information without compromising MSHA’s investigation, warning that some specifics might be withheld pending the completion of the probe.

Oh, bullshit. Nope – it’s about covering your ass. For once – just FOR FUCKING ONCE, just do it. It’s not about you and your goddamned job, because you’re not doing your job. It’s about the workers! That – THAT – is the sole function of MSHA, protection and safety of miners, not you sitting in your goddamned offices. That’s why MSHA was established.

Hold on. Gov. Huntsman –

Huntsman told the Deseret Morning News in a recent interview that he has received assurances from MSHA head Richard Stickler that the agency would be forthcoming with information.

“They’ll get what they need,” Huntsman said. “I’m confident of that.”

Forthcoming…..am I going to have to look the word up for you, too.

Here are the members of the Commission, BTW.

  • Chairman: Scott Matheson, former dean of the University of Utah Law School and former United States Attorney
  • Dennis Dell, safety and health director of the United Mine Workers of America
  • Mike Dmitrich, D-Price, Senate Minority Leader
  • Jake Garn, former U.S. senator
  • Hilary Gordon, Huntington Mayor
  • David Litvin, Utah Mining Association
  • Rep. Kay McIff, R-Richfield
  • Joe Piccolo, Price Mayor

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