Idaho Minority Summit in October

I saw a blip yesterday on KTVB’ s website that caught my attention.

A meeting designed to prepare Idaho’s minority groups for the 2008 elections will be held in Boise next month.

The Idaho Minority Summit is being hosted by the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Calling the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs got me a bit of information.

It is an “invitation only” summit – October 10, 2007.

It will be held at the BSU Cultural Center so there is only room for approximately 125 people.

It’s also the first of summit in which multiple minority groups from across the state of Idaho. This to be drawn together in one place to discuss particular issues. In this case, “the summit will also help ensure that all groups are accurately counted in the 2010 census.” There was also mention of the 2008 election wherein there would be ways discussed in getting people out to vote.

The ICHA had a qualifying definition of minority, those groups who qualified broken down into subgroups by specification relating to racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, etc. So the invite went out to different communities within Idaho. All the Native American tribes were notified, and all have responded and will send a representative. The African-American, Hispanic, GLBT community, Asian/Filipino, Idaho Women’s Network, and certainly the refugee centers around the state who serve a variety of folks of different nationalities, ethnic, and racial ‘groups’, were all contacted.

And I see The Boise Weekly has a write-up today. I did talk to Juan Saldana yesterday, but let’s just say this, shall we – sometimes my brain and my mouth do not work in conjunction.


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