Burmese Saboteurs

I just about lost my coffee when perusing over here =>> New Light of Myanmar (the official government site).  Oh – Jesus.H.Christ!!, as Sr. Margaret Mary used to say – or maybe it was my mother.

Some monks and people enter homes
Saboteurs threaten families demanding them to join protest if not provide cash, kind
Authorities urge people to make complaints in person or on line to Ward PDCs, Township PDCs or local
authorities against intimidations, extortions, coercion

NAY PYI TAW, 26 Sept — The government has been striving day and night together with the people for the emergence of a peaceful, modern and developed discipline-flourishing democratic nation.[more]

Yeesss, there’s more……

However, saboteurs from inside and outside the nation and some foreign radio stations, who are jealous of national peace and development, have been making instigative acts through lies to cause internal instability and civil commotion.

I wonder if Cheney would be interested in a transfer?


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  1. I have been following the Myanmar situation for at least a week now. The turn of events recently to shooting into crowds is distressing. I hope the monks are successful in gaining their peace. My biggest fear is Bush interjecting himself into the situation. Everything he touches turns to shit. The last thing Burma and the monks need is our “help”. If the military in Myanmar continues to kill innocent protesters, I think that the UN peacekeepers should be involved, but in no way should the US government or military get involved. I don’t know what I can do to help them. Maybe meditate for peace? I know that is unhelpful, but what can we here possibly do?

  2. I trust NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, government says anymore. NOTHING our government says, NOTHING other governments say.

    I hope the monks bring the junta to their knees. Into submission.

  3. I hope the monks bring the junta to their knees. Into submission.

    No fucking shit!

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