I come to Sylvia’s for motherf#@king iced tea.

Some of youse mighta heard about Mr. O’Reilly’s recent dust up regarding his seemingly stupid (whoo, how different is that?) regarding how ‘black restaurants are just like white restaurants’ complete with indoors plumbing, running water, and those blow-dryers on the wall in the bathrooms for you to use after you wash your hands.

Crooks & Liars has videosylvia2.jpg from The Daily Show with their crackerjack reporter, oh excuse me – their crackerjack ‘senior black’ reporter, Larry Wilmore on location at said restaurant, Sylvia’s in Harlem. Please pay special attention to Larry’s keen observations about the neighbor and the clientèle.


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  1. OMG, this was hilarious!!


  2. Larry Wilmore looks like someone’s dad, doesn’t he? He looks so sweet. He has this look of a teacher or a doctor about him. I was actually waiting to see if he actually cussed. The poor waitress/hostess was a bit taken back, poor thing.

    Then there’s O’Reilly’s ongoing idiocy……

  3. Wordsmith, I noticed you critisized John Aravosis with a comment about a Chevron ad. Be very careful, old Johnny boy, the sell out, might ban you from Americablog, critisizing the self centered ass is forbidden over there.

  4. Well, ya know – there’s other places. It’s the community, not the man I’m interested in anyway.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been sent packing from almost as many “left” blogs as I have wingnut spew blogs. I just laugh it off these days.

    As far as Bill goes….. he’s revealing how witless he is when it comes to life outside the gilded circles he moves in. It amazes me that there are still a lot of chumps who believe he actually gives a damn about them.

  6. he’s revealing how witless he is when it comes to life outside the gilded circles he moves in.

    Just the absolute ignorance of his statements are incredible.

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