Media suing Secretary of Labor over Crandall Creek Hearing

The Salt Lake Tribune and other news media are suing U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao for access to closed Mine Safety and Health Administration panel hearings on the Crandall Canyon mine disaster.
The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, says the public has a “legitimate interest” in attending MSHA panel proceedings. Two catastrophic collapses in the central Utah coal mine killed six miners and three would-be rescuers.

I’ve been keeping track of the stuff with MSHA, and especially in relation to the latest going with Crandall Creek. This is undoubtedly in response to the media being kept out of the proceedings that have involve the panel set up by Governor Huntsman to investigate the disaster. Without question, the media should be allowed in. Federal, state, county, and city monies have been and will be expended.

As the editor, Nancy Conway, of the Salt Lake Tribune states: “We believe that the public should have access (to the panel’s proceedings) and we act on behalf of the public. We think this is information that is very important to the people of the state of Utah.”

In order to fulfill their First Amendment obligations to the public, the lawsuit states, the Tribune and other news media – including CNN, The Associated Press and The Deseret Morning News – are asking the court to halt the MSHA proceedings until they have an opportunity to make their case before a judge.

The plaintiffs are also asking for copies of any documents presented to the MSHA panel, as well as transcripts of witness testimonies given up to this point, Conway said.


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  1. MSHA, internal reviews, accident investigations,,,take it from me, they write them the way Arlington wants them written. The truth will never come out if it is negetive toward MSHA. The families of Crandall Canyon should contact me I can in lighten them. They should bring suit against Richard Stickler for his lack of control at Crandall Canyon, he should have uses his power to prevent the 3 rescue works from becoming fatilities. MSHA allow the resque to be attempted hoping that the outcome would be could, they took a calulated risk to try and save their ass, and 3 more miners payed for lack of action by Stickler. Who ever gave Murrary the pillar recover plan at the mine had to be out of his mind, the ARMS program clearly showed that the stability of the main line barrier pillar could not be maintained to a 1.5 safety factor. MSHA blames the lower guys in the agency, believe me I know, they are trying to railroad me over Aracoma Coal in West Virginia.

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