Stalling the Utah Mine Safety Commission

The recently formed Utah Mine Safety Commission has received a letter from MSHA’s ‘acting soliciter’, Jonathan Snare regarding the commission’s request for information. The letter from Mr. Snare is essentially a flat refusal to allwo the commission any information until MSHA’s official inquiry is completed.

“By granting the commission members, including a member of the trade association that includes the Crandall Canyon mine owners, access to sensitive investigative information during the progress of the investigation, we run an unacceptable risk that testimony of witnesses could be prejudiced, witnesses could be intimidated and possible civil or criminal violators could be tipped off that they are under suspicion. I am sure you can appreciate the impropriety of giving the public access to such information during a law enforcement investigation.”

Gov. Jon HuntsmanAll we’re looking for is sharing – in real-time – information that might be helpful to our state efforts.”

The Labor Department took issue specifically that the Utah Mining Association is part of the commission and it represents owners of the Crandall Canyon Mine.

As listed here, the members of the Commission are:

  • Chairman: Scott Matheson, former dean of the University of Utah Law School and former United States Attorney
  • Dennis Dell, safety and health director of the United Mine Workers of America
  • Mike Dmitrich, D-Price, Senate Minority Leader
  • Jake Garn, former U.S. senator
  • Hilary Gordon, Huntington Mayor
  • David Litvin, Utah Mining Association
  • Rep. Kay McIff, R-Richfield
  • Joe Piccolo, Price Mayor

David Litvin, Utah Mining Association, which represents mine owners in the state of Utah, is the apparent ‘roadblock’ for MSHA. Mr. Litvin is the president of the Utah Mining Association.

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