Update on Fr. Raul Covarrubias

Not much has been forthcoming from any quarter really, specifically the Catholic Church, i.e., the diocese of Boise.

As the original story indicates, there is an allegation of misconduct. Since the proper law enforcement authorities have NOT been contacted/notified, the presumption is that the alleged misconduct involves an adult. Law enforcement would be notified immediately if the case involved a minor.

There have been a few letters to the editor here, and herewritten to the Mountain Home News, but I’ve seen little about this case anywhere. Fr. Covarrubias is on administrative leave pending the outcome.

As an addenda at the end of a letter to the editor, an “editor’s note” appears stating this:

Editor’s note: The Mountain Home News also received a call from local parish officials objecting to the use of the word suspension in our story about the allegations involving Fr. Raul.

Although most people would see little difference in the functional use of the word, parish officials noted that “canonically, there is a world of difference between a suspension and a leave of absence.” All future stories will therefore make that distinction.

We should stress at this point that the church has not identified the specifics of the allegation and there does not appear to be any secular criminal investigation underway at this time. The church is conducting its own internal investigation and the actions it has taken are part of policy whenever any allegation of this nature is made.