More Stalling by MSHA and Chao

I caught this in the Houston Chronicle on Friday, however – I like the Washington Post’s headline better. Regardless it demonstrates yet again the difficulty those in this administration appear to have with the truth and how they don’t seem to understand the workings of our democracy.brass-tag.jpg

The House Committee on Education and Labor issued a subpoena on September 24th for all communications regarding Crandall Canyon from the Dept. of Labor.

According to the acting solicitor for the Dept. of Labor, Jonathan Snare, it will cost “millions of dollars” and just so very long, don’t ya know, to come up with all those documents. Why just searching through all those emails that relate to Crandall Canyon would cost $3.5 million and take around 5 months or so. Dangg!! Wait a second – that sounds sooo familiar.

“Broad electronic searches of archived electronic data, as contemplated by the committee’s letters (and required by the subpoena) could cost millions of dollars and require weeks or months to complete even by contracting with a vendor,” Snare said Friday in a letter to the committee.

Goddamned oversight committees. I wonder if those emails will go missing or maybe the server will blow up or . . . . . . although there is any ‘up side’

Snare offered to meet with committee members to go over the scope of the request.

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao has until 5 p.m. on Oct. 9 to produce the records.

Good luck, Elaine.  ‘Cuz tomorrow is already here. 😀

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