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I’m one of these “can’t see the forest for the trees” kinds of people sometimes. I get so caught up in what’s going on around the country and the world, I fail to pay attention to what’s going on here in my own back yard and alley. Not to mention almost being overwhelmed with family responsibilities. Anyone have suggestions on ‘forcing’ cats to get jobs? Oh! And work – to help ‘save space’ my office has been moved to my house!

All right, here we go…..cruising this morning, I first hit Mountain Goat Report, and the discussion about who else? I mean we are in Idaho after all, home of GOP giant, Larry Craig.


(Bumper sticker: Courtesy of MG, matches my car! I love purple 8)

New West– Boise keeps abreast of most everyday local and regional stuff. Jill Kuraitis is pretty accomplished and daring. Joan McCarter of dailyKos fame also writes over there; her spot is “Diary of a Mad Voter.” Both Eye on Boise and Ridenbaugh Press are discussing the name change of the College of Idaho. C of I changed its name in 1991 to honor Joe Albertson. Both he and his wife, Kathryn attended college & met there. It’s returning to its original name. Whew – Albertson College of Idaho always had this unnatural ring to it and sounded akin to the McDonald’s Academy run by Ronald. Eye on Boise also has news on, who else, Larry Craig. /snark/

Along with Mountain Goat, these are two of my favorites. I was a long time reader before I ever said anything at either place. Red State Rebels Net melded into an expanded version of Red State Rebels because Julie is still here, just busier. 43rd State Blues has this news regarding Craig’s “lying two-timing ways (there really is a good country song in this whole story, somewhere)”, pointing the way to Mr. Brad Bristol, who “started a website for collection of signatures which will then be submitted to Nancy Pelosi so “impeachment proceedings against Craig” can begin. Wellll, I know she’s not real interesting in impeaching Dubya or DarthDike like I want so I’m thinkin’ this is a long shot.

The Political Game and Ft. Boise are offering up last week’s Saturday Night Live skit on our infamous senator. Tara at the TPG is in Pocatello and provides a view from ‘southern Idaho.’ Tom at Ft. Boise also discusses beer besides what to do with Larry Craig. The latest on local transit complete with FACTS is over at Boise Guardian with a nice picture of a cool bus , but quite a discussion going in the comments.

Another great place to check out is United Action/United Vision for Idaho. Brigth lights and all kinds of informatoin and links. Just the name alone is worth the trip – Huckleberries Online!

Every one of these places have exceptional links to other blogs, news sites, etc., that run locally to regional. During the fires this summer, one place I would check daily was Nils Ribi’s blog. Nils is a councilman in Sun Valley and has a number of links for stuff in and around Idaho.

I found this place recently – Morialekafa – apparently one of those transplanted Californians we so love here. It’s a great blog; I absolutely love reading – it’s poetic. This is a taste of the latest:

Sundry events:

Rope burns on her neck,
in the garage a ladder,
handcuffs, blindfold,
and a rope.
Divorce gone awry.

Jimmy Carter is taking some flak for speaking up and saying publicly that Dick Cheney has been a disaster for our country, that Israel has engaged in apartheid, and so on.

Oh yeah, it’s worth the trip.


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