Manufacture This – What can Idaho Offer?

In the usual round-about ways I went looking for some information. I had seen an ad or some such thing for a show John Ratzenberger is doing. It’s a 30-minute show on the Travel Channel, ‘Made in America.’

If you want to know America, you’ve got to meet the folks who work in factories and workshops. People who make real things and take pride in what they do. And then, you have to go in there with them to see how it’s done. So, that’s what I did. I poked around every corner of this country — big cities, small towns, and whatever was in between — looking for the soul of America. And you know what? I found it everywhere. So sit back and relax, because we’ve got it made… in America.”

I caught something about it and in searching The Google, I found this. Ratzenberger was teaming up with the Alliance for American Manufacturing for a series of town hall meetings across the country. In looking over the website at Manufacture This, the blog listing the town hall sites only had sites in the East and Midwest with one in one of the Carolinas. The town or city furthest west was Chicago. I left a question on the blog about one of these town halls coming out west, as in west of the Mississippi River.

From their intro page:

Who are we? We’re the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a unique labor-management partnership that is committed strengthening American manufacturing by promoting creative policy solutions on key issues.

Scott Paul – AAM Executive Director

“I’m a patriotic liberal who thinks good jobs are worth fighting for.”

Horace Cooper – AAM Deputy Director

“Some might say conservative or even right-wing. I refer to it as just telling ‘the truth.’”

[Edit – Sat/11:25am]:  Probably should’ve mentioned that Steven Cappozola from Manufacture This left a message here as well:

“Hey, I hope I’ve found the right place to contact you. Thanks for your comment on As it happens, we’re looking to organize more town hall meetings, and to hold them west of the Mississippi. We’re still organizing the campaign, and there’s a lot of work involved. But we’re trying to expand westward, and your comments are certainly encouraging.”

I’m interested in finding out what’s going on in Idaho that could serve as the focal point for one of these town hall meetings. However, I need help. I have no expertise as of yet, not to mention I work in an ‘industry’ that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to “manufacturing” designation – medicine.

One of the first places that came to my mind was Buck’s Bags and it’s right there in their company statement.

Since 1979, Buck’s Bags of Boise, Idaho has been earning its reputation as the industry leader in service, quality, design and innovation. Our “Made In America” products include an extensive selection of bags and accessories for fishing (including pontoon boats and float tubes), hunting and archery, rodeo and tack, athletics, music, golf, security and a general luggage collection.

Suggestions? Hints?



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  1. Out on Federal way there are a couple that could apply:

    Motive Power refurbishes train engines and has really cool repair shops and everything needed to get the job done.

    Nashua Homes of Idaho builds manufactured homes on site and sends them out.

    Trus Joist technology center on Amity comes up with laminated wood joists for the construction industry.

    Hope this helps, there are probably lots more out there.

  2. Thanks, Mark.

    Yeah, and Trus Joist has been around for quite awhile, too. I’ve heard of Motive Power, but not Nashua Homes.

    I don’t even know what role larger places like Micron (though I don’t know where they get their ‘parts-n-pieces’) or Simplot play. Simplot as a manufacturer of food products using local produce might fit better, although I’m not a fan of J.R.’s or …… um, hmmmm…. excuse me, I’m pretty sure I need some more coffee before I go there.

  3. Since Micron makes stuff at basically the molecular level, I’m not sure how important it is where they get their “parts-n-pieces” — although I imagine that most of the silicon and chemicals come from America. The equipment they use is mostly made in America.

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