No Room For Thinkers

presidential-coin.jpgThis story just irks the shit right out of me; Crooks and Liars also had a spread.

Why? Because it demonstrates the disconnect between Bush and emotion.’They’ say he listens; he doesn’t listen: As the president rose to leave after 20 minutes, he said he hoped the visit would help the Falmouth, Maine, woman heal. Halley, 42, replied, “What would really help my healing is if you’d start finding a way to bring our troops home.” There ya go!

In other words, he hoped he would help in their healing. But, how can it? He’s a liar. He is a liar. Did I say that already? And of course, we’re always reminded of how hard his job is:bushcrucified.jpg

As he travels around the country, the president often makes the time to console them — one family at a time, often including children – – in sessions that he calls “one of the hardest things” about his job.


`The best way to honor the sacrifices that your loved one made, as well as the sacrifice you have made, is to accomplish the mission, is to achieve the peace,” Bush said.

“ The spouses and the parents look him in eye and say: `You make sure you finish the job; you make sure he didn’t die in vain.′ McClellan says. Such comments “gave him comfort to continue to press ahead, with a strong determination to make sure we succeed.”

Oh, I’m sure some do. I’m also sure most do not. However – it’s all about him nor what he thinks. He has no room for considering what anyone else thinks. Anyone.

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