The New Parthenon Museum

Doing my nightly after work check of the news and found this on Al Jazeera.

Greece has started shifting the ancient sculptures of Acropolis from the Parthenon temple to a new museum at the foot of the hilltop citadel.parthenon.jpg

Greece is still my favorite spot. We were there almost three weeks and spent a great deal of time touring the Parthenon and other ruins in Greece. Went to a few of the islands as well, staying on Mykonos for a week. Directly beneath the Parthenon is the Amphitheater. It was an awe-inspiring place, sacred.

Greek officials hope the new museum will boost the country’s long-running campaign to wrest back the British Museum’s collection of sculptures from the Parthenon.

The works were removed from the fifth century BC temple some 200 years ago – when Greece was still an unwilling member of the Ottoman Empire – by Scottish diplomat Lord Elgin and bought by the London museum, which has refused Greek demands for their repatriation.

Der Spiegel also has a nice write-up with photos! It’s time the British returned the marble friezes – “roughly 80 percent of which still exists.”athena.jpg

The Parthenon is the temple built to honor Athena, the city’s patron goddess, at the height of the city’s power in the second half of the fifth century B.C. The temple consisted of a large, walled room with a colonnade running around it on the temple’s outside. The 160-meter frieze ran around the top outer part of the central room and depicted humans, gods and animals taking part in a procession in honor of Athena.

pallasdisk.jpgThe Pallas Athena was one of the pieces of military brass I wore while in the military although the stained glass window above at Sander Theatre (Felton Window) at Harvard is beautiful.


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  1. It makes me so sad to just look at this temple they must work so hard on this and to just look at it makes me cry!

  2. Parthenon, among HUNDREDS of similar buildings, is the slandered GOLDEN CENTURY HERITAGE of COURAGE, against those who hate the conciliatory UNIFIED LIST for elections, that was the ONLY criterion for participation to the ancient Olympics and the sapped Democratic Defense.
    Aristotle in his ‘Athenian Constitution’ (=Direct Democracy) names the 6 times when Athenians gave FULL RIGHTS to all foreigners defended Democracy, and intended to do the same with women through Aspasia, but the corrupted oligarchists conspired with helot-killing/boys-kidnaping ephors-Persians-Carthaginians to destroy the most positive works.

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