Mitch McConnell – Liar, Liar

The Louisville Courier-Journal has a story this morning on Mitch McConnell’s statements to WHAS in Louisville. And just look at that headline – whoo-boy!

McConnell knew of e-mails about boy.

Now one of the most telling things I noticed was this below from McConnell’s communications director, Don Stewart, who sent a ‘follow-up e-mail last night (apparently, Oct 16th – Tuesday) to the Courier-Journal, in which he reiterated that McConnell’s answer to WHAS that “there was ‘no involvement whatsoever’ ” was accurate.”

“The blogs started this story on Oct. 6 — two days before I pointed it out and spiked it. This story started and ended in the blogs,” Stewart wrote. “I told reporters there was ‘no story.’ I told Sen. McConnell that I spiked the story. That is 100 percent accurate.”

Sooo, it’s the fault of those damned blogs. But wait, Donnie – didn’t you leak the info to ‘a blog?’ (Red State come to mind?) I’m sure there are some ‘out there’ and specifically in the U.S. Congress who undoubtedly think blogs and more specifically, liberal blogs, are a blight on the dissemination of their lies and tactics. Blogs play as important a role as pamphlets did in the time of the American Revolution. Blogs are dangerous.

Now – in the event you think your lying ears and eyes might be deceiving you when you see Mitch’s lips (?) moving, there’s a transcript from the C-Journal’s page – down just a bit, to the right.


Here is a transcript of WHAS reporter Mark Hebert’s interview Friday with Sen. Mitch McConnell:

Hebert: Was there an indication that your office was trying to push reporters to go dig into this 12-year-old’s background?

McConnell: No.

Hebert: Then what was the deal with the e-mail?

McConnell: What?

Hebert: What was the deal with the e-mail from your staffer?

McConnell: There was no involvement whatsoever.

Hebert: From your staff?

McConnell: None.

I read a couple of blogs from Kentucky, BlueGrass Roots and Bluegrass Report; Ditch Mitch (Cliff Schecter is there – one of my favorite bloggers), and there is always The Hillbilly Report.

Over at The Gavel, there’s a number of others who reveal how they were helped by the version of the CHIP program in their varied states. Being poor is not an easy task.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – Mitch is married to Elaine Chao, the Department of Labor secretary responsible for this.



[Why Kentucky, you might ask? I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky assigned to the hospital there for a 6-month stretch. A few years later my husband was stationed at Ft. Knox assigned to the Blood Bank for 2-1/2 years. We loved Kentucky; we just loved home more.]


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