Rep. Pete Stark on SCHIP today

The SCHIP debate was waging on in the House this morning and I was watching it on CSPAN. For the most part, nothing gets particularly spirited when watching debates on CSPAN.

I saw Pete Stark on the verge of coming unglued not once, but twice. As he stood and gave himself a bit of time, he started again with the war in Iraq costing more than this health care bill and veered off again into haranguing the ReThuglicans. Joe-Bob Barton (R-TX) jumped to his feet in protest and asked the speaker to have Stark’s remarks stricken. Time was taken to have the clerk transcribe the words spoken by Stark, those were reviewed, and the decision was made that Stark’s words were not inflammatory or insulting (specifically or personally attacking any member). I actually hooted.

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