Snarky Saturday

1. Religious Right: No GOP candidate works for us. Geez that’s a fuckin’ shame…..

  • Rudy Giuliani – he’s only been married three times; moved his mistress in before he moved his wife out. Yeah – and? Com’ on – he survived 9/11, he reminds us every fuckin’ chance he gets. And besides, THIS marriage is for keeps ‘cuz she keeps eagle eyes on him.
  • Mitt Romney – the Mormon from Massachusetts who promises that NOW he tell folks his ‘real’ views. And, this is good news!? Romney earned the endorsement of Bob Jones III – supreme religious bigot.
  • Fred Thompson: Apparently less articulate than the actor he plays….’stupid is as stupid does’ – whatever the fuck that means??
  • John McCain: “Arizona senator who has a clear socially conservative resume but who dismissed their leaders ‘agents of intolerance’ in 2000.” Yeah, but – that was then, this is now …… right?
  • Mike Huckabee: Formerly fat governor from Missouri, he’s a Southern Baptist minister. Waddya say?
  • There WAS – Sam Brownback, wingnut extraordinaire who is (was) — yep! you guessed it! Their fucking favorite . . . .but he dropped out.

I guess Huckabee and McCain’s camps are hoping for Sam’s followers.

2. Yesterday On the way out to do errands I was switching the channels to see if anything had happened that might stop me for getting to Petsmart or the bank. (Actually I was putting on and tying my shoes, but hey.) Nooo – although I noticed this: MSNBC & CNN are discussing the hurricanes that hit the Midwest overnight, Faux News – someone let Pete Stark, that “very liberal” man from California (’nuff said, right there) OUT and “just wait until you hear what he was allowed to say on the floor of the House.”

3. And, speaking of Pete Stark – now, Pelosi wants to slap his hand – because? Pelosi has been an extreme disappointment to me and many others. Frist impeachment and/or indictment was ‘taken off the table’, and she, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, and that goddamned Rahm Emanuel have this idea that THEY know what’s at the hearts progressives around the country, not to mention the “American people.” Stark’s words were read back, transcribed, and reviewed. They were not deemed “out of order” nor was the gentleman reprimanded. Get over it. OR – better yet – let’s start here: Bush apologizes for all his lies – period. We’ll start with the primary one, lying about the reasons for attacking Iraq.

In fact, here’s Stark statement:

“I have nothing but respect for our brave men and women in uniform and wish them the very best. But I respect neither the Commander-in-Chief who keeps them in harms way nor the chickenhawks in Congress who vote to deny children health care.”

Say it, brother!

More to come after coffee…..




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  1. As a word smith I would think you would have a vocabulary that is functional beyond the 8th grade level. Even Marines use fuck and shit and hell in better context than you. Try thinking man, I know that it is hard work but give it a go. By the way blowing ones head off for ones amusement is the purview of the Islamic terrorists. Check the news and then send to that empty headed representative from that empty headed district in California. So party on Wayne.

  2. You’re cute, David.

    By the way blowing ones head off for ones amusement is the purview of the Islamic terrorists.

    It’s ours as well.

    Perhaps if you spent more time thinking and investigating – you might have something to contribute to the conversation.

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