For the Dimwitted Davids Out There

I guess in the excitement of no one flipping out on Pete Stark’s remarks until he said it for the third time THIS was overlooked.schipking.jpg

I think this classifies as a personal attack on a sitting member of Congress, don’t you?

Rep Steve King (R-IA) put this sign up during the recent SCHIP debate

As Tim Grieve writes at ‘The War Room’ –

If you live somewhere other than Iowa or New Hampshire and you’re getting a little tired of hearing how the smart and sober-minded residents of those great states are uniquely qualified to limit your presidential choices … well, this isn’t going to help.”

Really…. as Tim points out, Rep. King is the same idiot who proposed building an electric fence along the U.S./Mexico border. After all apparently to King, there was little difference in shocking illegals and animals.

As for the claim seen on the board ‘Hillarycare for Illegals and their parents’ it’s a flat-out lie. The Center on Policy and Budget Priorities reports:

The charge revolves around a provision of the new legislation that is designed to remedy serious problems that have arisen in the wake of a poorly designed provision enacted in 2006. The provision enacted in 2006 has turned out to impose more burdensome requirements on U.S. citizens applying for Medicaid than on eligible legal immigrants who apply, and has caused thousands of poor, eligible citizen children and parents to be denied entry into Medicaid, or to have their entry into the program delayed. Many of these children and parents became or remained uninsured as a result.

I wonder if Iowans feel about Rep. King as we do about Larry Craig right about now?

Oops – almost forget this by Wonkette.

King, Steve of Iowa Doesn’t Seem to

Mind Using Slurs That

Disrupt Intellectual Exchange.

Failure Resulted in Overriding Medical

Coverage Annulment so No Children can Earn health Reimbursement.

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