Digging Deeper and Faster?

Family affairs took precedence yesterday ……

This at the Idaho Statesman caught my attention.

U.S. senator paid advisers $23,000 since news of arrest at airport became public

With a money chest at $474,666 and no plans to run for reelection, what’s Larry going to do with the money? For what expenses can he use it?

 to pay legal bills are fairly broad. The money can’t be used forshovel.jpg personal expenses, but generally the only requirement is that the spending be related to legal bills connected to an officeholder’s role as an elected official.


His campaign treasurer did not respond to phone calls, and since Sept. 19, Craig and his staff have refused to answer any questions from the Idaho Statesman.

Betsy Z. Russell @ The Spokesman Review

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig paid top criminal defense attorney Billy Martin and PR consultant Judy Smith $37,350 in early July, and has had them representing him since last February – throughout the time he said he consulted no lawyer about his legal troubles in Minnesota.

And a review late last night and early this morning revealed that Betsy’s story is spreading like our summer wildfires.  Tsk, tsk – Larry.

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