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I came across a story in the BSD’s newsletter of some students of the Dennis Technical Center (Boise School District) refurbishing an ambulance for a community in Honduras. The organization who had purchased the ambulance and enlisted the help of these students is a religious organization. The first thing/person whose influence I saw at work here was Tom Luna – more gut level than anything.

Correction/update: Mountain Goat pointed out to me in the comments where I was mistaken.

Tom Luna ran against Marilyn Howard for state superintendent of schools for Idaho in 2006 2002. **[Luna ran against Jana Jones in 2006, not Marilyn Howard; Marilyn Howard retired from the position in 2006].

**Democrat Jana Jones, the current chief deputy superintendent, is a career educator with a doctorate in education. She’s backing Proposition 1 on the November ballot – which Luna opposes – to require a big increase in school funding. She talks about boosting teacher salaries so Idaho doesn’t lose teachers to nearby states, replacing textbooks so they’re up-to-date, and getting “balance back into our curriculum” after years of pressure to focus on tests results.

Marilyn had worked as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the 6-7 years prior to the 2006 election. Despite the claim of having lived in Idaho for the past 30 years, Tom Luna attended a couple of colleges here before receiving a degree from Thomas Edison State College in ?, New Jersey. Thomas Edison is billed as “a leading distance learning institution, offering associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees in more than 100 areas of study…. Thomas Edison State College provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults.”

Marilyn Howard, on the other hand, earned her bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Idaho in 1960, followed by a master of science in education in 1965. She went on to earn her doctor of education in Curriculum and Instructional Science from Brigham Young University in 1986, and completed postgraduate work at Idaho State University.

I’m not sure what Luna’s degree is in, although I did note this on the State Dept. of Education web site:

“Before becoming Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction in January 2007, Tom was a successful businessman. He was the president of Scales Unlimited Inc., a company he has owned for more than 20 years in the Treasure Valley. Two of his brothers now run the business. “

One of these brothers, Tom? It’s also worth noting that Tom Luna came out in support of Larry Craig when Larry gave his ‘going away’ speech at the Boise Train Depot.

Yep, like they said at 43rd State Blues – ya cannot make this shit up!


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  1. Luna actually has a bachelors degree in weights and measures that he “earned” through that online university sometime in 2002, I believe. This was after he already had declared his candidacy for Super of Public Inst. and didn’t know that a requirement for the position was an undergraduate degree. Howard went on to win that time. Not enough was made of that in 2006 in my opinion.

  2. What the FUCK is a bachelor’s degree in ‘weights and measures’?

  3. Thomas Edison STATE College is an institution established by the State of New Jersey. I am currently a student at the school and can verify that the curriculum is as rigorous as any other accredited college in the country (In some aspects even more so).

  4. Ms or Mr. Anonymous –

    You’re so proud of attending this accredited institution that you actually signed your name! I’m suitably impressed.

    You can verify the curriculum “is as rigorous as any other accredited college in the country (In some aspects even more so)”. That’s quite the claim, Ms/Mr. Anonymous. I can tell ya right now, I doubt it. I truly doubt it. This is where I graduated from college. I’ll match my education against TESC ……. no, that’s too tough. Okay, okay – I’ll match my first year at college against TESC – too unfair. All right…… how about one of my courses? Rigorous, indeed.

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