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Who Will Stand Up?

A commenter leaves a couple of sentences:

An editorial issues a call:

A senator stands on the floor of Congress and addresses the issues of shredding the Constitution – our Constitution.

What can be used to counter the passel of lies and the bullshit from this administration as gloriously illustrated in this fraudulent ‘news conference‘ conducted by FEMA. That news conference is SO indicative of what’s wrong.

However – I don’t know how to get that across.

How do you convince someone to stop voting against their interests when they believe those responsible for the ‘condition of our country’ are NOT the people truly responsible, but you and others like you who are labeled unpatriotic – not to mention, the rabble-rousers from around the world who agree with you.

Is it about ‘the American Dream’ or is about capitalism? It seems to be the American Dream isn’t about capitalism so much as it’s about equability, equality, getting the opportunity to be what you couldn’t be somewhere else. Being a success in whatever way success is defined by you. But within capitalism, success is defined and determined by money/capital, etc.  And capitalism seems to be about always having a winner and losers, an aggressor and although not necessarily, passive people, unempowered, disenfranchised in some way – most often, monetarily, when it comes to capitalism.


Then I see writing like this:

I forced myself to watch the Republican “debate.” It was the most incredible and terrifying melange of half-truths, lies, ignorance, denial, obfuscation, warmongering, misrepresenting, and downright stupidity I have ever had the misfortune to watch. The Republican audience was so filled with blood-lust and apparent hatred one might have thought you were watching a performance of gladiators in ancient Rome, voting for some to die.

Oh yeah someone is still out there!


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