Karen Hughes Resigns….Again

Is it the family again, Karen?


Must be harder than she thought to convince those Muslims we really are nice. Reporting from the AP, Hughes has plans to go back to her home state of Texas but she reportedly told those on her staff that “improving the world’s view of the United States is a ‘long-term challenge’ that will outlast her.” Pfftt….ya think?

Just as with everything else and this goddamned administration, the puppets and the puppeteers alike screw the world over and up so royally it will take generations to heal, but like George himself said once, I’ll be dead. One can only hope. 😉



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  1. Just FYI the weekend Toronto Star had a piece about the Addams Family, saying that they were the most functional on TV at the time they aired and referring especially to Gomez’ passion for Morticia. “They were the first couple on TV who looked like they could have actually conceived children.” Ha ha! In every episode, Morticia would start speaking to Gomez in French or Italian, which would be followed by the latter kissing his way up Morticia’s arm.

    In spite of their ghoulish experiments the article noted such details as the children’s genuine respect for their parents, and the fact that Lurch, though a servant, was treated like part of the family.


    And you’re so spot on about the Bush administration’s willingness to defer any responsibility for their failures on their successors. It will take generations to undo what they have wreaked, if indeed it can ever be undone.

  2. I’ll have to check out the Toronto Star.

    I really do worry about the world my granddaughter will be part-n-parcel.

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