No Torture – No Rendition

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  1. Excellent video. This one, unlike the one downthread that you questioned, uses hip music and images to effectively inform about torture.

  2. The point made early in this video just infuriates me. The statement, “We don’t torture” follows from the fact that “we don’t use the word torture – we call it ‘enhanced interrogation.’ ”

    So in other words, it’s OK to torture people as long as you also torture the language. If Furious Maximus hears about this, his frickin’ head is going to explode.

    BTW I would like to go on record that at Les Enragé we don’t necessarily advocate that people in the administration be decapitated for their crimes. I personally feel that they should be put in the guillotine, and the lanyard pulled. If gravity should then act on the 100-lb. razor-sharp stainless steel blade, who am I to argue with the plain will of God?

  3. If Furious Maximus hears about this, his frickin’ head is going to explode.

    Actually I didn’t mean to post this. I was trying to SAVE it but I have this thing – Vidpod from WordPress. Straight to the blog….

    Yeah – I know SBT – don’t need to worry Furious Maximus just now. There’s plenty else to make his little head explode.

    Bill Maher says it’s time to bring back the guillotine. 😉

  4. I’m a fair man. Before putting them in the guillotine I would give Bush and Cheney a few minutes to pray that it malfunctions. If it does, they’re off the hook. On the other hand, I will personally check the blade runners myself to make sure they are well oiled and free from any speck of debris.

  5. Sounds fair to me, Dave. 😀

    There is, of course, the possibility of divine intervention

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