Mukasey Vote

Bob Higgins has an excellent idea on managing those who come before committees.

The next time Michael Mukasey is called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee I suggest that he be strapped to a stretcher, a rag placed in his mouth and water poured in the rag until he begins to answer completely and truthfully the questions put to him by the committee.

Especially in light of this revelation from ‘The Hill’ – I say we start with these two.

Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) effectively thwarted plans by the activist left to use the weekend to mobilize ahead of Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee vote and pressure wayward senators to reject the nominee, activists said.

With Patrick Leahy’s announcement of opposition to Mukasey, he was “became the fifth Judiciary Committee Democrat” because Mukasey refused to offer that waterboarding is torture. And Feinstein with her ties to the giant military-industrial complex via her husband’s connections . . . . . Schumer had an opinion piece in the NYT on Tuesday and actually compares Mukasey to Jim Comey, who although Comey may have done one thing right, it doesn’t get him his wings.


So Mukasey’s nomination goes forward from the Senate Judiciary Committee …. 11-8

The graphic to the right is at firedoglake with Christy’s excellent rundown of what transpired this morning on the SJC committee. That picture surely renders this entire brouhaha and the end result in dealing with Mukasey succinctly into one captivating visual.



Then again, there is always this . . . . .




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