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Nixing Nick News?

The thing with catching snippets of a ‘story’ on one of the cable news channels for me is thinking it’s actually a story.

linda-ellerbee-small.jpgCNN had a bit on the show Linda Ellerbee ‘anchors’ on Nickelodeon, ‘Nick News’ –nicknews-logo.gif specifically one show recently that highlighted some kids with consciences, and the actions they were taking in their community. Using the magic of “The Google” I found that the paucity of websites and/or blogs railing on about all of this were the wingnut lunatics on their precarious fringe.

Kevin Hayden at ‘The American Street’ had the goods; he also the links to those wingnut lunatics. I absolutely refuse to link to them. Fuck ’em. It’s not enough that they practically rule the airwaves with their bullshit anyway. Anything with depth, anything requiring cognitive skills, anything that deviates from their fear-riddled ‘the terrorists are on the outskirts of town’ bullshit, they just cannot tolerate.

As one young woman says, ‘kids younger than me shouldn’t be making my clothes.’

Watch it – the entire video is 21 minutes and features several kids. It is indeed inspiring. And tell me again, how is it a bad thing when kids think for themselves. Of course it would be totally different if these kids were involved in an internship at Faux News or recruiting member for the Young Republicans.

Rebels With a Cause


5 Responses

  1. Thanks. I was getting a little tired of being called a traitor. And I was getting especially tired of these kids being called traitors.


    Linda Ellerbee

  2. Jezzzussss! These kids are not ‘traitors’.

    I want my world, I want THE world made up of kids like these because kids like these will bring this world justice.

  3. Agree, WS.

    Ms. Ellerbee, you are always included on my list of The Good Ones.

  4. Crooks & Liars picked it up…..hang on ….. here we go

  5. I saw the story over at Crooks& Liars, about Kids with Consciences..and I have to say, I am always grateful to see Linda Ellerbee on Nick News tackling subjects that kids do need to learn about and be a part of…..My son grew up watching her, and still loves the News, ( he is an older teenager- so is too old to watch NICK Anything….) but thank you for covering this….I added you to my Blog Roundup over at Watergate Summer today…..thanks for your good work….( Hope that the C&L crowd is good to you…)

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