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Boise Housing Market – New, Cheap! Not Made in China!

What? I need to know where this is – quickly…..

Wayne Forrey, director of Eagle-based Kastera Development, said the local market has reached the bottom, and he expects recovery to begin in 2008. Falling land, construction and housing costs will help bring buyers back, he said.

Forrey said Boise remains one of the most affordable places to buy a first home. Anyone in this room today can buy a brand new three-bedroom, two-bath, two-car attached garage in Boise metro for under $110,000,” he told the audience. After the meeting, he said some builders are now offering homes in places like Caldwell below $110,000.


9 Responses

  1. Well yeah, but then you would be stuck living in Boise.

  2. I am in Boise, Mirth.

    That’s a tongue-in-cheek, this dude is a dumb shit post. There’s nowhere in the Boise valley where you can buy a brand-new 3-bedroom, 2-bath…..yadda ya for $110K. I’d be buying it! Or maybe not.

  3. Uh oh.

    *removing foot from mouth*

    I bet your city is beautiful. I haven’t been there, but I have traveled in parts of Idaho and what I’ve seen is indeed beautiful.

  4. Mirth –

    I thought you knew! I know you know I’m from Idaho. lol

  5. Boise is beautiful….but there is really nowhere in this country where anyone can get a house for that price….is there? Mirth showed me your blog- so now I will have to add this wonderful blog to the blogroll ( Blogger willing and cooperative)…

  6. No Wordsmith, I didn’t know where you lived. I hope I didn’t offend you, Honey.

    Hey, I lived for a while in Las Vegas! Can’t get much worse than that. 😉

  7. I lived in Idaho Falls for five years. Be grateful you don’t live in Idunno Falls, Idunno. As we called it back in 1978.

    I am sure (oh how optimistic of me) things in Idunno Falls have changed. Back then, “shopping” meant driving 4 hours to Salt Lake City. And then having to deal with their (Utah’s) insane, convoluted ideas about selling a glass of wine at a restaurant. My friends who still live there assure me things have changed, but since I never trusted them then, why should I now? I think it’s all sour grapes. They are so jealous I live in Pittsburgh. (sarcasm alert)

    Are there seriously nice homes for around $110,000 in Boise? Hey, I’m interested. I really liked Idaho. It beats the hell out of Pittsburgh.

    In all truthfulness, I did (and still do) love Idaho. It is beautiful there. And there for the first and only time in my life did I experience the Aurora Borealis. Breathtaking. Humbling.

  8. Idaho Falls…..

    Jezzus! I try to avoid that area of the state as much as possible. Back in the early 90s we attended a NOW convention in Burley. We stayed with a couple we knew from the Idaho Women’s Network in Idaho Falls. I’ve been in SLC on a Sunday morning – NEVER – NEVER did it feel as repressive as it did in Idaho Falls. Just the entire town had this judgemental, repressed quality.

    Are there seriously nice homes for around $110,000 in Boise? Hey, I’m interested. I really liked Idaho. It beats the hell out of Pittsburgh

    No… that was the point. Anyone living here knows that NOW -maybe some years ago, 3 or more. Certainly not brand new as this guy was saying in the article.

  9. Maybe the guy meant a new home that one can hook to a truck and move to a new spot?

    One thing I do remember about Idaho is the beautiful Salmon River. There, the most ordinary-looking grayish rocks when cracked open reveal crystal jewel-toned insides. I still have some of them in a rock garden.

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