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Cat Blogging

I walked into the living room the other day to catch two baby squirrels scamperingstealin-kernels-2.jpg around my balcony climbing on the stuff that hasn’t been put away yet. Not only that but they were eating the cat’s food! It’s no biggie to me, but you know to whom it is now doncha. (One of my cats is fond of taking his food out on the balcony and so there is usually a bowl with some food in it, and water.)

Soo….to piss ‘them’ off even more (the cats, that is), I put some cat food in a feeder bowl and put it atop the small grill.

Two of my cats are pre-owned; they were rescued. The other got dumped when he was probably 5-6 weeks; he was incredibly tiny. He’s two years old now. He most always trundles along wherever I go. If I leave the room, he must count to 10 because if I’m not back, he comes looking. Once I think he gave it 17 seconds.

khaos-n-squirrel-2.jpgToday, he’s trundling along and as we come into the living room, we both see them.


AND fer crying out loud!! They’re eating his food on his balcony.

How brazen is that?! And just WHY in the world am I allowing this to happen.

Because it’s all about power, little man.


Besides, I think this squirrel is into using mousse.






3 Responses

  1. Cats rule!

  2. Ohmigosh! They are so precious! It’s good to have a sleeping buddy.

    I had to drag my kitty away. I even thought about taking him for a drive. He was getting, um, a little too focused on those damned squirrels making it back for more of his food or the toasted bread I left. He was either hanging out on the balcony or by the door with this frantic look in his eyes scanning the trees. He was making ME crazy.

    Love that gravatar. What is that – space, a star? An amoeba!?

  3. They’ve grown a bit since that pic but they still sleep next to each other sometimes….and they are still into everything!

    The grav is the crab nebula.

    Long story how I ended up with it as my grav….

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