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Wander Amongst the Wymlogs

Some of my favorite bloggers are women. One of my all-time favorite, who I’ve read religiously since not longer after she started out – Digby! – who I suspected MIGHT be a woman, but actually thought was a man, and who actually is a woman. She was going off about the body language expert brought in by MSNBC’s piggish Chris Matthews.

That’s what I’ve been doing in between mopping the kitchen floor (yep, actually – mopped it), vacuumed the office and kitty hangout, laundry, dishes, I traversed a number of blogs today that I later realized were primarily made of women’s blog.

Although one of my favorite of hangouts, The Agonist, is a conglomeration of folks led by Sean-Paul Kelley.

First up: An Idaho blog who’s doing a damn fine job of keeping tabs on Bill Sali and is truly remarkable – Mountain Goat Report and the necessary Idaho stuff. The Blog Mother herself at Red State Rebels net gives the low-down on David Sirota’s visit to Boise last night at the annual JFK Dinner sponsored by the Ada County Democrats. Continue reading

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All I have to say is this – I beat Fixer & Gordon!!!!


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