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Some of my favorite bloggers are women. One of my all-time favorite, who I’ve read religiously since not longer after she started out – Digby! – who I suspected MIGHT be a woman, but actually thought was a man, and who actually is a woman. She was going off about the body language expert brought in by MSNBC’s piggish Chris Matthews.

That’s what I’ve been doing in between mopping the kitchen floor (yep, actually – mopped it), vacuumed the office and kitty hangout, laundry, dishes, I traversed a number of blogs today that I later realized were primarily made of women’s blog.

Although one of my favorite of hangouts, The Agonist, is a conglomeration of folks led by Sean-Paul Kelley.

First up: An Idaho blog who’s doing a damn fine job of keeping tabs on Bill Sali and is truly remarkable – Mountain Goat Report and the necessary Idaho stuff. The Blog Mother herself at Red State Rebels net gives the low-down on David Sirota’s visit to Boise last night at the annual JFK Dinner sponsored by the Ada County Democrats.

Liberally Mirth gives a big thumbs down to Ellen Degeneres and discusses the WGA strike. Divine Dem is into the mundane right now, but she had an excellent video from Terry Kelly (Canada), ‘A Pittance of Time’ for Veterans Day.

There’s my fellow Kucinich fan at Down in the Hollow =>over to Tennessee Guerrilla Women to view their take on the latest Democratic debate. The Crone Speaks is discussing rape as a weapon and the use of women as pawns.

Over to the grand dame of storytelling at Hill Country Gal to get a laugh before tackling more reading.

Then off to my latest find, Watergate Summer, another one of those that fits snugly in that “the smartest blogs I’ve run across” category. I love those kinds of finds!

Finally, it’s time for the spirituality fix at ‘Romancing The Crone‘ and Judith’s Table. Judith and I are on the same theology e-list, and have been for years – 10+. A couple of the columnists at Judith’s website are also members of our list. Remarkable women, every one of them. And for the hell of it, I checked out Clarissa Pinkola Estes box for any new insights on spirituality, but no, she’s talking about the Dems debate.

Closing out with the usual tremendous treasure trove of pictures at Wrenaissance Reflections and Blue Ridge blog . . . . of which this is one*.piggies3-blue-ridge-blog.jpg Scroll down at Wren’s for some wondrous photos of autumn/fallness.

I then slid over to Dharma Bums before taking off to do errands, but got side tracked and ended up on Sumo’s blog – check out that apple pie!



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  1. Ahhhh, that is so nice…I was sitting her soaking up all these wonderful blogs and making a list…because there are some good ones here that I don’t know…( was all excited- it is like shopping for shoes- you just don’t know of all the goodies out there 🙂

    and then I saw I am even on your list….wow…I am honored…thank you so much..

    I love your blog….what a nice find….

  2. Damn fine company you put me in, Ms. Wordsmith. I’m honored and thankful. Discovering your blog was my last treasure. TGW is a longtime fav, as is enigma4ever.

  3. TGW is a longtime fav, as is enigma4ever. TGW I found not long ago…. in a round-about way from one of the Kentucky blogs actually. We lived in Kentucky for 3 years and I keep track of happenings there – like politics. But TGW – now THOSE ARE MY KIND OF WOMEN!!! 😀

    And when I actually saw Digby, I thought – Jesus Christ, she’s me!!

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