Carrying on with the ‘theme’ from last night – WWJB?

“A day of reckoning is coming and you betta be on board . . . . ”



ooops — hang on – it’s not radio.

The revolution will be televised anyway . . . ?


“That’s where we come in. …. You see, this is the greatest country in the world. ” Hang on! Hang on! I got it!

What would Jesus BREW?!



“We gotta support our leaders. God has given us a president ready for the challenge. He loves freedom and he’s ready to give it to those . . . . . ya know, ‘people’, whether they want it or not. Just like sometimes maybe how a child or retarded person may not want what’s good for ‘em, well, you just have to do your duty anyway.”

Oh-OH . ~ ~ ~ not . . . . . Who Would Jesus Bomb?


Nope, not that either. It’s



Now – who then, shall covet this seal of approval you ask?


Wait- there’s a new man in town, Reverend Billy. Like Rev. Billy said, “Heidi Klum said you buy this perfume, I’ll make love to you. Well, where’s Heidi Klum now?” ????


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  1. Here’s what I would like to ask the Bible Bangers – those who give spiritually driven individuals a bad name:

    “If the fetus you’re defending turns out to be gay, would you still defend it anyway?”

    Just some food for thought … or nausea …


  2. Why Boo! THAT is an excellent question! I’ll find us a Bible Banger to ask as now I’m curious. Pray for me; this will be one helluva quest.

  3. Rev. Billy is great. I’ve heard him on the radio before.

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