The Bearded Lady

My friend, Ellie, is quite the feisty one.  She helps make this journey in seeking an end to this administration as well as consequences for their action more palatable and more affirming.  She has tremendous life stories she periodically divulges; she also has these terrific insights. Here’s her latest.

beardedlady.jpgI nominate the most anti-worker, anti-American Secretary of Labor this country has ever known, the dishonorable Madame Elaine (Dog) Chao, beard to Senator Mitch McConnell (R- Head up Bush’s Ass).

Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Enemy of Labor
  • Now, it is “attack and destroy!
  • No Frances Perkins! (Who’s Frances Perkins?)
  • Ditch Mitchell’s *cough* ‘file’ on the good Madame herself
  • Name change for Dept. of Labor (Dept of Business Protection)
  • AND she has stacked the Labor Board with bush-friendly, corporate whores.

    I could go on and on. She has worked diligently from day one to eliminate the National Farmworkers Jobs Program, which helps migrant farmworkers move out of those dead-end, sub-minimum wage jobs into skilled employment. In spite of it having the most successful record of job placements of ALL the current job training/placement programs.

    She needs to be taken to the vet and put down, just to put us out of our misery.

    And she’s not kidding about the veterinarian visit, either. She is truly an unruly mobster!

    I am wondering if Ellie was thinking anywhere along these lines too.

    I’ll check.




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    2. Ellie is my “she-ro” and a very beautiful woman if you ever get a chance to meet her. In essence: ELLIE ROCKS!

    3. Great post ~

    4. This particular bearded lady sucks major ass.

      Hola, Word.


    5. Ahh…isn’t that cute, Hill – you have your face plastered over there. I’ve been feuding with the IRS. Just guess who won? 😉

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