Special Olympics & Bill Sali

This is the motto of the Special Olympics:

‘Let me win; but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.’

Yesterday I happened to drive by the old Larry Barnes Chevrolet complex on Main & 30th. It looks like it is either well on its way to being or has already been turned into the 2009 Special Olympics headquarters. Boise is the host city. Given the nature of the field in which I’m employed, there was a final call last month for volunteers to the upcoming 2009 Special Olympics for participation in the trial run scheduled in early 2008.  According, the response was good. Then this happened . . . . .

Bill Sali kills Special Olympics funding.


The vote to override the presidential veto of HR 3043 – Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2008 – failed by two, that’s 2, votes. There were, of course, other local programs that would have benefited from the veto override. The thing that most bothers me is the simple contrariness of Mr. Sali. There seems to be not a rhyme nor a reason to his voting pattern, but just to simply vote ‘no.’ He does it because he’s a spiteful idiot?

One of the best resources in the Idaho blogosphere for the antics involving Mr. Sali is at ‘The Mountain Goat report.’ It’s one of my first stops in the morning. Ball-less Bulldog Bill’s lack of representation for the citizens of Idaho is documented there with convenient weekly updates. More if necessary.

Interestingly, Mike Simpson voted to overide the veto. As Red State Rebels points out:

“.. it wasn’t just the Special Olympics funding that was lost. Some of the other Idaho projects included in the bill were a community detoxification center in Boise, a program for providing dental care for low-income, uninsured children though out Idaho, the Children’s Home Society’s Bridge Project for Foster Children, College of Idaho library technology upgrades, Northwest Nazarene University nursing facility equipment, expansion of the St. Luke’s Hospital Children’s Health Services, and programs at the Discovery Center of Idaho.”

And for your added enjoyment. The end of October in 2004, George Bush signed this bill, H.R. 5131 – the ‘Special Olympics Sport and Empowerment Act of 2004.‘ This act was the “first time ever ” that the Special Olympics program has had the opportunity to obtain funding through authorized appropriations, via “grants, contracts or cooperative agreements with Special Olympics for certain education, international and health activities.” That funding and authorized appropriations will carry SO through FY2008 to FY 2009. That’s where ‘the other bill’ , H.R. 3043 was to come in – it held authorization for Special Olympics for FY 2009 and their Winter Games.

In December of 2001, this is what the president said about Special Olympics to the six ‘Global Messengers’ of S.O. who were the guests at a formal dinner at the White House honoring Special Olympics and its participants.

Each one of you has been recognized for giving your best, for sharing your many gifts with others and for living out the Special Olympics oath, ‘Let me win; but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.’ Each one of you has set high goals and you have met them through hard work and courage…We gather here to celebrate the achievement of Special Olympics, itself, and those who compete. Before we lived [in the White House], Laura and I were fortunate to be involved with the Special Olympics [Program] in Texas… Such a wonderful experience. We’re so grateful for Special Olympics. “

Really? Sending a check isn’t “involvement” ya doofus.



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  1. I remember when the special olympics were held in Boise. I live about 15 miles from Boise, it’s a busy time. It was really fun though.

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