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Is George Drinking?

The picture below accompanied a story from Reuters about Bush’s ‘plan’ for freezing mortgage rates


I’ve been watching Bush’s appearance deteriorate for awhile.  It has to do with the body not getting what it needs to have healthy skin, hair, etc.  I know this look.  I’ve had this look and I’ve seen hundreds with the same look.  And I don’t mean the facial expression either.




2 Responses

  1. You know that is something I’ve wondered about for a long time. If you look at pictures of Presidents before their term in office, then compare them to when they leave, they always have seemed to age exponentially. One wonders what about the job would do that. They crave the power and responsibility, but the toll it takes on the human body looks to be great. Of course, in W’s instance it could be the booze.

  2. Me too, Mark. What is IT about that job? I mean, W did mention a time or two, “it’s hard work.” I would think it’s the stress. Remembering who not to insult, who to insult – that alone would keep me busy for a minute.

    Oh dear, I’m beginning to understands George’s mind – no wonder everything is so ‘black/white’ – it’s simpler! 😉

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