One of Their Own – The Role of the Holy Spirit?

I hadn’t followed too closely the shootings in Colorado that apparently are megachurch-related. Today, my daughter and I were semi-watching CNN, while my 2 year-old granddaughter chased the cats into their secret hiding places. When CNN gave the ages of the two young sisters murdered, I saw my daughter wince because we know that 16 and 18 are pretty damned young. So I cannot imagine the grief of those parents nor could my daughter as she watched her own little daughter race down the hall after the cats.

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However, when this first broke yesterday some member of the New Life Church described the shooter as your ‘typical, dressed in black, societal reject’ – leading to one to perhaps surmise it was probably some pimply-faced Satan-worshiping shit-hole. How I wish I had the link to that interview now. Because NOW, it appears this is just NOT the case.

I did catch this on Yahoo News. The young shooter was a home-schooled, deeply religious 24 year-old who had been enrolled at the Youth With a Mission, a training center in Arvada, Colorado some five years previous. The shooter’s younger brother attends Oral Roberts University. Continue reading


Is Prick Too Kind?

One of John Aravois’s blog partners at Americablog threw a party over the weekend: Joe (who I adore and think is so darn cute, btw) gave a party for Pam Spaulding – one smart cookie. One of the guests was a former, uh, Meetup™ guest of a certain Idaho senator. So John talked to him, and he recorded it as well.

It may very well be similar to what’s on the Idaho Statesman’s website. I don’t know; I didn’t listen to the recordings. I did listen to John’s interview of David Phillips. The thing that struck me in Phillip’s telling and recollection was the harshest of Craig’s treatment towards him, as well as the intimidation factor involved. What drippings of respect I might have held for Larry Craig, prior to his bust at the Minneapolis airport, were immediately lost when I saw he gave the police officer his business card, asking, “what do you think about that?” Because to me – it was all about the intimidation factor.

Phillips also ‘discusses’ why he talked to Dan Popkey of the Idaho Statesman and not to others in the mainstream media (MSM).

Warning… is not work-environment safe.

Special Olympics Update – Just a Smaller Scale

so-lapel-pins.jpgThe ‘Test Games’ or the invitational test run coming up in February (2008) for the 2009 Special Olympics here in Boise WILL go forward; the scope will be diminished greatly. Chip Fisher, who is the current CEO of

Fisher said the scaled-back invitational event will include about 400 athletes, down significantly from the thousands that had originally been planned. The U.S. delegation will come only from Idaho instead of 14 other states. About a quarter of the participating athletes will come from the countries of Austria, Finland, Lebanon, China, Germany, Libya, the Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Iraq and Sweden.

There’s been quite a response to the shortfall according to the Special Olympics Idaho. That $8 million earmarked in H.R. 3043, vetoed by the president (and upheld by Bill Sali) accounted for 50% of the total Special Olympics Idaho needed to operate their games.

What you do to the least of these, Mr. Sali – what you do to the least of these.

Karma’s a bitch.

§- Special Olympics Idaho website

§- Special Olympics World Winter Games 2009 website. The lapel pin (pic up in the left-hand corner) can be picked up here.

Oh-oh…Contraceptives & Teenagers

Just saw this at KIVI’s site stumbling around looking for something else, of course. The headline alone brought out the ‘oh-ohs’.

Nurse takes high-school girls off-campus for contraceptives

Yikes! But the names up front: Dawn Luna and Lisa Fernandez are sisters, who are outraged. (Wonder if they’re related to Tom Luna.) Regardless . . . .

Two Wilder mothers say they are outraged at the Wilder School District after a school nurse took female students to Caldwell for birth control shots. . . .

Part of the school’s justification for taking students to get the birth control shots was that they were potentially sexually active and would be afraid to ask their parents for birth control, Fernandez said. She said her daughter is not sexually active and that she told school staff they could not take her off campus for any reason.

As a parent, myself, I’m not real keen on this idea. At the same time, my daughter didn’t begin using contraception until she was 17, and she came to me about ‘going to Planned Parenthood or somewhere.’ And that was 10+ years ago. Since my daughter is more than grown with a daughter of her own, it looks like I’ll be checking out parental consent laws in Idaho because I’m not up on them.

Wilder School Board member Raul Rocha said Sunday he could not comment on the incidents before he met with other school officials. No other Wilder school officials could be reached for comment.

The board meets tonight. But it is unclear whether trustees will discuss the issue at the meeting.

That board meeting is apparently tonight, Monday, Dec. 10th. The Idaho Press Tribune just posted this story on their website. If I knew it was going to be on the agenda, I’d go just for the ‘fireworks.’ 😉