Is Prick Too Kind?

One of John Aravois’s blog partners at Americablog threw a party over the weekend: Joe (who I adore and think is so darn cute, btw) gave a party for Pam Spaulding – one smart cookie. One of the guests was a former, uh, Meetup™ guest of a certain Idaho senator. So John talked to him, and he recorded it as well.

It may very well be similar to what’s on the Idaho Statesman’s website. I don’t know; I didn’t listen to the recordings. I did listen to John’s interview of David Phillips. The thing that struck me in Phillip’s telling and recollection was the harshest of Craig’s treatment towards him, as well as the intimidation factor involved. What drippings of respect I might have held for Larry Craig, prior to his bust at the Minneapolis airport, were immediately lost when I saw he gave the police officer his business card, asking, “what do you think about that?” Because to me – it was all about the intimidation factor.

Phillips also ‘discusses’ why he talked to Dan Popkey of the Idaho Statesman and not to others in the mainstream media (MSM).

Warning… is not work-environment safe.

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