Got a spare 35 bucks . . . .

…… and totally unsure what to get your winger-nut boss for Christmas?! (‘cuz they are Christian, AND it is Christmas, ya know!)

I found it.


Other useful information in the event you’ll need it.






2 Responses

  1. I want a talking Dick Cheney doll with a two-sided head: the front looks like 2002 Cheney and says, “First Saddam, then Tehran! Arrgh!” Turn the head around 180 degrees and it’s 1960s Cheney saying, “I need those deferments to pursue other options in my life … such as staying alive.”

  2. What did Cheney say about those deferments – “I had better things to do.” I say – Make It and people will buy it. I might even spring some bucks to have one of those.

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