Mitch McConnell meet Andrew Horne

So the ‘Lipless One’ Mitch McConnell will have a formidable candidate ‘agin him.’ (Maybe Bob Murray can help him out.)


“I’m running for U.S. Senate because it’s time for a change and because Senator Mitch McConnell is more than part of the problem. He is the problem,” said Andrew Horne

(my emphasis)

Thank you for visiting our website.

I am a husband, father, attorney, U.S. Marine, small business owner and citizen of this great Commonwealth.

America was built on the idea of making and leaving a better place for our children and grandchildren. President Bush and Senator Mitch McConnell have not kept this promise.

A misguided war and record deficits are crippling our future.

Lt. Col. Andrew Horne (ret.)Washington is broken and our Senator, Mitch McConnell, is fully complicit in this culture of corruption. He works against Kentucky’s interests and rewards his big money donors with his votes…big business, large insurance companies and lobbyist friends. Our jobs are being outsourced, McConnell shows no leadership on immigration, and instead works for his friends in China.

McConnell has turned his back on students and their families as college tuition skyrockets.

It is time we fight back.

I offer trustworthy, competent and genuine leadership. I am not a Politician.

I’ve served this Country and this Commonwealth with the Marines for 27 years, and I am a Veteran of both Gulf Wars.

Together we can make a difference.

I am Andrew Horne. I am running for Senate.

I respectfully ask for your support.

Semper Fi

Reminders: Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) is married to Elaine Chao (Secretary of Labor) and Bob Murray ( Crandall Canyon mine owner in Utah) is just the bestest of friends with Mitch & Elaine, doncha know.

Not that it really matters to me – but McConnell, he didn’t serve in any branch of hte armed forces. He’s just another example of wanting to fund senseless wars based on senseless premises, and lies, killing . . . . killing – but then as he said recently: ‘It’s not like they’re draftees or nuthin’

“Unfortunately, most of our friends on the other isle are having a hard time admitting things are getting better; some days I almost think the critics of this war don’t want us to win. Nobody is happy about losing lives but remember these are not draftees, these are full-time professional soldiers.”

There’s a ‘Ditch Mitch‘ site that’s wonderful and my blogging buddy, Cliff Schecter, is one of the regulars there. Met him some times back at Americablog – sharp wit, that one.


And Yet Another Version of the 12 Days of Christmas – ReThuglican Style



This – this is just sooo, sooo sad . . . .


even more so when given the context,


. . . . and as one poster (JustThisGuyYaKnow) wrote:

Truly sad. Unfunny. Inaccurate. Brainwashed. A complete failure. Pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction. Completely pathetic. I agree that this is the sound of a dying party. Do these kids even know what the word “liberal” means? No doubt they don’t.

* Partridge In A Pear Tree – courtesy of Melissa Turk & The Artist Network

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies – Substantially Inconveniencing the U.S. Government

Happening over in Portland . . . while protesting at a military recruiter office, this unlikely small group of protesters left their hand prints, red hand prints on the window (tempera paint). The case was tried in Multnomah County court.

Four grandmothers and a grandfather handcuffed by police and jailed for leaving red hand prints on the window of a military recruiting center have been acquitted of criminal mischief charges.A Multnomah County jury deliberated for just 30 minutes Thursday after a two-day trial before acquitting the four grandmothers and one grandfather of criminal mischief with the intent to substantially inconvenience the U.S. government.

The defendants, all in their 60s and 70s, are part of a local protest movement called the Seriously P.O.’d Grannies.

A couple of observations:

1 .) What a fucking idiot of a a prosecutor this ‘ Deputy District Attorney Seth Steward’ is for attempting to paint these ‘Seriously PO’d Grannies’ as analogous with suicide bombers.

2.) Which may very be why some of the jurors reportedly thought the trial and all was “waste of time & public resources” taking 30 minutes to come up with the verdict – 28 of those 30 minutes spent discussing the asinineness of the prosecutor.




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