And Yet Another Version of the 12 Days of Christmas – ReThuglican Style



This – this is just sooo, sooo sad . . . .


even more so when given the context,


. . . . and as one poster (JustThisGuyYaKnow) wrote:

Truly sad. Unfunny. Inaccurate. Brainwashed. A complete failure. Pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction. Completely pathetic. I agree that this is the sound of a dying party. Do these kids even know what the word “liberal” means? No doubt they don’t.

* Partridge In A Pear Tree – courtesy of Melissa Turk & The Artist Network


2 Responses

  1. I particularly liked the ‘700 billion in new spending” right next to “six troop funding cuts.” Sheesh, what morons. And could they sound any more terrible? These are the twelve worst singers on the planet.

  2. And could they sound any more terrible?

    They sound like dying cats . . . .

    I can sing – it’s the carrying the tune part that wears me out. 😉

    Some of the comments at You Tube were hilarious because they were pointing out the obvious bullshit and lies. It escapes them whose been in charge for the past 6-7 years.

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