How Come Delsa’s is Closed?

I noticed a sdelsas.jpgign that said ‘Closed’ on the marquee board in front of Delsa’s a couple of weeks. I just figured it meant they weren’t open on Sunday.

Then – it stayed up there.

A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, the Idaho Statesman had a story on remodeling, improvements, and updates of Delsa’s. Wasn’t too keen on teh idea of blue and orange ice cream (or most likely sherbert), but hey, it’s not what I got anyway when there.

I found this story in the Statesman from Nov 30th. The gist is no one except those in the know, know.

We’re bummed. We tooled around last night checking Christmas lights, but no Delsa’s.


2 Responses

  1. MY guess is just lack of business, and IMHO that’s because of the chairs. I used to live near Delsa’s and went there a few times. Every time I sat in the chair it made by back hurt, so I quit going. Seemed an abvious thing to me, but hte owners never made a change. Maybe it was just me, but I think it was a contributor to their failing business. Sometimes it’s the simple things.

  2. Someday if we are lucky,DELSAYS will reopen! However iam sure its ice cream days are long gone Its time to move forward and make changes that can pay the bills..We can only hope that something special in Boise will keep the building Standing . Boise’s best diner will soon have a second location.And all will be well in the memory of this 46 year old building.We can all hope ! It will be a special thing to have such a great fit to the site.////// For now its just a Dream,However soon it might be the next statesman right up 🙂

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