Wassup with Fr. Raul?

Fr. Raul Covarrubias was put on paid administrative leave  in September of 2007 for unknown ‘personnel reasons.’    According to the diocese of Boise, not much else needed to be reported other than there was no involvement of a minor and no civil laws were broken. The local paper reported Covarrubias’s suspension, a few letters to the editor appeared, the bishop sent a messenger, Sr. Arlene Ellis, chancellor, to the parish to explain, and that was to be that apparently.  After all – the church had spoken.

Mid-October, the Mountain Home paper had an editor’s note immediately following a letter to the editor:

“…….Although most people would see little difference in the functional use of the word, parish officials noted that “canonically, there is a world of difference between a suspension and a leave of absence.” All future stories will therefore make that distinction…….

So while there’s a wee bit of contention over semantics and the use of ‘suspension’ versus ‘leave of absence’ what still remains are the questions, specifically what it up with Fr. Raul Covarrubias?  Mid-December, this was forthcoming from the diocese via the Idaho Statesman:

“The investigation did reveal that misconduct occurred, which Father Raul needs to address,” he said. “Help has begun for Father Raul and will continue for as long as needed. After … Raul has completed a professional program, it is hoped that he will resume active ministry.

Oh yeah?  Fr. Raul Covarrubias was found ‘worthy’ of a paid leave complete with a “professional program” to help him out, but Idaho Catholics cannot get a forthright answer about the misconduct as revealed to the diocese, AND it’s hoped the man can “resume active ministry.”  Yet another reason I can no longer sanction that fucked up institution.

Why the need for such secrecy?  SNAP shows up with David Clohessey at a press conference held by the PR dept of the diocese on Wednesday, January 3rd.

“This kind of secrecy is reckless,” said David Clohessy, national director of SNAP – Support Network by those Abused by Priests – who spoke at a news conference in front of the diocesan office. “In this case initially, the diocese put this priest on suspension without saying what type of offense, when it occurred, where it occurred … and even now they refuse to give any of those details.”

Michael Brown, communications director – diocese of Boise:

“Every media in the state of Idaho received this statement.  I’m not sure exactly what is expected of this diocese to get this message out. We would much rather sit down and discuss these things with you before misinformation goes out into the media.”

It’s wasn’t about the message ya fucking dork.  We got the message.  It’s about the secrecy and the willingness of some to be lackeys for the church regardless of what or who is involved.  It’s about protecting ‘The Church.’

Bishop Michael Driscoll’s track record can be viewed at the website ‘bishop accountability.org.’

There’s a couple of films that are stark: Deliver Us  From Evil, and ‘Hand of God’ which aired on PBS’s Frontline about a year ago.  You can watch ‘Hand of God’ online at PBS’s Frontline site here.


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  1. Thx for keeping up on this. The Catholic church needs to be exposed for what it is-A power structure that will do anything to keep and expand that power, an organization that would rather fill it’s ranks of the Priesthood with homosexuals and child-molesters rather than go back on the vows of chastity, and an organization that instills in it’s adherents a sense of guilt that is rivalled only by Jewish guilt in intensity and self-destructiveness.

  2. an organization that would rather fill it’s ranks of the Priesthood with homosexuals and child-molesters rather than go back on the vows of chastity,

    Hmmmm….. okay, I think we’ll save that for another discussion.

    I was in Cleveland when the mess broke in Boston. I became so totally disgusted with the handling of Cardinal Law and others on the periphery that when I left Cleveland (Bedford/Solon) some five years or so ago I’ve yet to enter a church, specifically Catholic. When I returned to my home state of Idaho what I found was more of the same with bishops from California being transferred up here and down to California that did the same thing as Bernard Law, just on a smaller scale. The destruction of these men’s acts was not any less than those in Boston. The gender wasn’t always or even predominantly male, but it was definitely pedophilic.

    We can get over the bullshit about the ranks of priests as being nothing but homosexuals and/or child-molesters. Seriously, watch ‘Deliver Us From Evil.’ This entire catastrophe came to the light because young males were being pursued. Not much mention of young females is there?

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